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Four day private tour to West, Southwest Peloponnese

Ancient Olympia - Apollon Temple - Neda waterfalls - Kyparissia - Nestor Palace - Pylos - Methoni- Kaiafas

Corfu - Rio - Kaiafas Lake - Kyparissia or Pylos
Morning departure by ferry from Corfu and drive towards to the south Greece to Peloponnese, passing the Charilaos Trikoupis bridge, a multi-span cable-stayed bridge crossing the Gulf of Corinth between Rio on the Peloponnese peninsula and Antirrio on mainland Greece. Arrival in the western Peloponnese, Lake Kaiafas is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in all of Ilia. It is the perfect combination of all the elements of nature blending into one, offering a unique setting,that is unlike any other you will find in the world. The natural thermal springs and spas located in Lake Kaiafas are known throughout the world. These unique spas, full of natural healing elements, attract a huge number of people here throughout the year, and are one of the highlights of the entire region. The Hydrotherapy that they offer is second to none, and the spas have played an important role in the lives of both locals, and all those who have travelled from all corners of the world to visit them, and to utilise their immense healing abilities. The hot waters of these spas and springs flow through the cave of the "Nymphs of Anigrides. According to mythology, this is where Dardanos, the ancestors of the Trojians were born.

Temple of Epikourios Apollon - Neda waterfalls
Today we will visit Apollon Temple on the Arcadian mountains. The famous temple to the god of healing and the sun was built towards the middle of the 5th century B.C. in the lonely heights of the Arcadian mountains. The temple, which has the oldest Corinthian capital yet found, combines the Archaic style and the serenity of the Doric style with some daring architectural features.The temple was built at the height of the Greek civilization in the second half of the 5th century BC (420-400 BC). It was dedicated to Apollo Epicurius by the Phigaleians, who believed the god of sun and healing had protected them from plague and invasion. In 174 AD the ancient traveller Pausanias admired the beauty and harmony of the temple and attributed it to Iktinos, the architect of the Parthenon. Later the drive is magical as framed by olive trees, fig trees and wild oak trees. We will visit Nedas waterfalls near Figalia. The Neda waterfall is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Greece. From here it is a short walk to the river and the Platania bridge. You have to walk into the Neda gorge, ending at the beautiful Neda waterfall. Before you arrive at the big waterfall you also walk by two smaller waterfalls, also very beautiful. After 600 meter you arrive at a wooden bridge. Soon you will arrive at the emerald pool in front of the 20 meter high Neda waterfall. The view is gorgeous and it is a perfect place for bathing. The Neda river is one of the two rivers in Greece named after a female!
In the afternoon arrival in Kyparissia,a beautiful seaside town on the western coasts of Peloponnese. The modern town is located within a walking distance from the long, sandy beach, while on the slopes of the hill above there is the Old Town of Kyparissia. An old Medieval Castle stands on top of the hill, offering a nice view of the sea and the sunset.

Nestor Palace - Methoni - Pylos
Today we start our tour with visit to the most well-preserved Mycenaean Palace in Greece which is located in the area of Pylia and is Palace of Nestor, the famous king of Pylos. It is located 4 kilometers south of the village of Chora on the hill of Epano Eglianos. The palace was built in the 13th century BC by King Nestor, son of Neleus, who holds an important position in the Homeric epics. Nestor led Pylos to the Trojan War with 90 ships and is presented by Homer as a wise old man, whose opinion was always respected by the Achaeans.
The castle of Methoni is one of the most important fortress complexes in Greece, and today is a beautiful archaeological site that covers 9.3 hectares and ends at the Bourtzi, an octagonal tower surrounded by the sea on all sides.The walk begins at the imposing gate of the castle, along the length of which survive two domed buildings that housed Ottoman baths, the base of a ruined minaret and other traces of its centuries-long history. Methoni was once an important citadel, with large numbers of people living within its walls. Indeed in the foundations and walls of the first buildings of the modern town built beginning in 1828, large stones were used that were salvaged from the old homes in the castle.
Built amphitheatrically on the slopes of two hills, the town of Pylos took its present form after the naval Battle of Navarino (1827). Almost every part of the town has a view of the bay and the small island of Sfaktiria to the west.

Ancient Olympia - Corfu
As we drive up to the norts part of Peloponnese, in the beautiful valley of the Alpheios river, lies the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods, it lies on the southwest foot of Mount Kronios, at the confluence of the Alpheios and the Kladeos rivers, in a lush green landscape. Although secluded near the west coast of the Peloponnese, Olympia became the most important religious and athletic centre in Greece. Guiding tour in the archaeological site and Museum. As we drive back to Corfu we will pass from the bridge Charilaos Trikoupis and in the afternoon arrival in Igoumenitsa the port opposite Corfu.  

Tour may starts from  Athens or Thessaloniki
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